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Unfortunately our heaters don’t last forever. Once a heating system pushes ten or even fifteen years, replacement is starting to come up every time a heater repair happens. It might be tempting to keep paying for a repair over a brand new system. The cost is less right? Actually overtime the cost of repairing an older system adds up and you are making a worse financial decision. Consider that every year your heater runs it is losing value. It also is getting older and costs more to run. Now factor in the repairs that crop up along the line. Those numbers start to create an impressive sum and buying a whole new system actually is cheaper.

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Don’t let the initial price tag of a new heating system scare you away. Consider how much you are saving in energy, operational costs and repairs. A new system also gives you peace of mind that it will reliably provide warm air all winter long. An older system will not do that. Give First Choice Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call at (973) 777-4443 to find out if replacement is a better fit for your home over a repair.

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We don’t upsell or push a new heater system if you don’t need one. You can trust our team. We are homeowners too and understand that buying a brand new system is a huge endeavor. Whenever possible our team pushes to do the heater repair rather than replacement. Sometimes the device is just too old or the repair is more than the actual system. When all else fails, replacement then is our answer. Don’t worry about a thing however. Our technicians will guide you through the process of picking out an affordable, efficient heater for your home.

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